POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Market Timing-Whats Next- SEE WHAT YOUR MISSING

The POWER DATA GRAPH is sent out on SUNDAY at 7pm and gives us a HEADS UP VIEW of the WEEK Thats COMING

NOTE THE TREND OF THE POWER DATA which this week was extremely well depicted.
Since the PD is a NATURAL phenomena, we are always this fortunate- BY that, I mean  sometimes like the week prior did not delineate such a defined trend, but it was STILL A VALUABLE Resource.

IF you have a specific question about the PD, other than where it can be accessed , then just ask.
BTW, as I did MENTION before- I had to MAKE an IMPORTANT ADJUSTMENT for it to MATCH better with the SPX trading week. WITHOUT knowing what that adjustment was, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE IT PROPERLY, because it will NOT MATCH UP on a CONSISTENT basis. IVE NEVER offered this before and may not ever again, but for a FEE of $1000, I will guide you thru the secrets of the POWER DATA GRAPH. IF that does NOT suit your needs, then JUST JOIN THE JAYWIZ VPN and take advantage of this MARVELOUS AND INCREDIBLE RESOURCE.

Monday was the only day that was not 80% correlated

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