Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Market Timing-Whats Next-!! SET TO TAKE A HIT

The technical data below indicates the market is NOW SET TO SELL OFF at least ONE Day to the 1517-1520 level - For the Dow that would be about 200 pts.

HERE IS the TECH DATA to show the difference from the FEB 25th BUY SIGNAL 
with reference to Today's SELL SIGNAL TECH DATA.

NO, we are NOT GOING TO CRASH, at least NOT YET anyway, and what is a crash anyhow?
There's always a controversy over what constitutes a crash- At this POINT in time we have had a significant run up from the Oct3rd, 2011 low of 1075 without only one retreat of 13% from 1440 to 1266. And one from 1475 to 1343 of 9%.
SO< anything over 13% would not be pretty and a drop up to 25% in ONE MONTH would be considered very serious, and to some techs, a 25% drop does indicate a new bear market.

The March1 to June1st GRAPHIC road map is NOW available with a lot of visual detail & notes
Anyone who SIGNS or RENEWS membership to the VPN will get that road map and any updates.  Thanks to all as there have been numerous requests so far. You wont be disappointed.
THIS IS THE EMAIL that went out at Noonish today today give everyone a chance to prepare for TOMORROW. SELL THE CLOSE TODAY. COVER LONGS, SELL SHORT, 
OR get ready to buy the DIP- 

NO- WE are NOT THERE YET- yes I heard the kids asking in the back seat-[gg]
STILL ON TRACK for SPX at 1566 on or before march 28th

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