Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Market Timing-Whats Next !! See Tomorrow's Market in Advance

156bars could have hit at 4pm yesterday, but since it didnt we OFTEN expect it to OCCUR AT OPEN the NEXT DAY and TODAY 
appears to be right on target for that event- following Europe lower.

BUT, will it last all day ? or just at open- I guess we will have to see how strong any recovery rally
becomes after the open.

THIS RESOURCE GROUPING seems to indicate a downtrend has begun- VPN members have the November Road map and know exactly what to expect this week as well as next.

PC ratios are again 90% bearish -thus there are just too many bulls expecting the mkt to explode higher-- I GUESS  they think they've missed out on the rally and are trying to get in-- 
THEY always seem to get it WRONG-- are you in that camp? You dont have to be.

EKG does seem to show the OPEN VERY CLEARLY,  but we cant really tell the MAGNITUDE of any recovery from the DAILY EKG as it does NOT usually do well with DEPTH - its not geared for that- but you can get a great shot at the INTRADAY changes

SWA showing mkt heading lower

PRO NM also shows lower

FLOW X - ditto for lower

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