Saturday, December 15, 2007

Change in trend

That Un named index I have been recording will now be called the

"Jaywiz index"
Friday = .43- indicates neutral, and possible change of direction

Jaywiz index history last week
Thursday = .26
Wed= .20
Tues = .29
Mon = .19
All were decidedly bearish

However, Alone, the Jaywiz Index does not guarantee a rally

Energy patterns for Monday do show a possible battle between the bull and bears
WE should get a large opening rally followed by fall back, and hopefully a closing rally leading to further gains on Tuesday and Wed.
Tuesday could start out reverse of Monday with an opening decline, but up later into the weeks high on Wed.

Declines are expected on 21/24, but a year end rally on 26th to Jan 2nd should close out the year strong for the bulls

Jan 2008 is expected to start out weak from the 2nd to the 7th, but should rally from there to month's end.

Nothing dramatic is anticipated for 2008.
Mostly higher to at least spx1600, and possibly even 1699
The Low of the year is not expected till Early Nov.

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