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Friday, October 14, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Oct 13th - Trap Door IS OPEN, but its STUBBORN

Oct 14th @ 11am

Wave 5 = wave 1
wave 1
1075 to 1103 = 28 pts
1190 to 1221 = 31 pts

the EKG would indicate a late sell off, and common noted support seems to be at the 1170-80
area, but if it doesnt hold, then we'll see later

the Warning today is IGNORE the URGE to SPEND

but I guess the mkt needed to finish that 5wave at 1221 at 9:45am
Ed cycle 92% high was due at 10am, so that variance is quite normal

Next Ed cycles are for
a LOW at noon and 3:15pm

more later
I dont know If you can tell, but I'm not a happy bear yet.

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