Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Oct 18th Cycle Convergence in Control

OLD EKG                                                          NEW EKG

The over riding influences today are positive ??

Duuh ?? It certainly doesn't look that way at 10am, dow now off 100 pts at 10am
120bars at 10am
150bars at 12:30
180b @ 3pm
Ed Low at 11am
Pos E @ 1;30
Pos E after market hours, and that maybe the reason why those influences are rather weak.

THE CYCLE Convergence for the 20th seems to be in charge this week.
Its not clear is another low on the 25th at open will be lower or not.

BUT the 25th at open should provide a strong PIVOT LOW leading to another high
on Oct 28-31. NO way to know if it will make a higher high than spx 1224, and IF
it doesn't, then it will tell us a low about the Wave progression at that time.

Also, IF by chance , a lower low than Oct 3rd @ 1175 gets hit this week, 
that will also tell us much.

The warning for the 14th was
CURB the URGE to spend or invest

The Bradley high Of the 12th and gravity date of the 13th both missed the actual
high as far as price levels. 
The emotional influence appears pushed sentiment way over the top.
Some of the tech data had indicated an overbot condition as early as the 11th.

more later

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