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Monday, January 18, 2016

Stock Market Timing-what NOW !! CNBC reports MARKETS in TURMOIL

CNBC reports today "MARKETS IN TURMOIL" - 

BUT then they SHOW the VIX making SOLID bottoms in the past when exceeding the price of OIL- 
Do you think they are right ?? 
personally, I KNOW that's just WRONG !! 

Oil's price cycle has MUCH to do with the market sentiment but comparing it to the level of the VIX is folly.
I WARNED about a MARKET SELL OFF in JULY and some of you scoffed at at me when I CALLED for a 33 yr top on AUGUST 12th- WELL the DOW dropped 2981 points by August 25th --- WAS THAT A GOOD CALL ?? YOU BET it WAS !!
I WARNED AGAIN IN DECEMBER and we got the WORST JANUARY 2week sell off EVER.

SO , CNBC --NOW we all know the market has had a bad sell off- IS THAT ALL THERE IS ?? or is THIS JUST BEGINNING of a PROTRACTED BEAR trend?
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