Monday, October 27, 2008

Still Under Pressure

Bradley date is reported by some as the 27th and others as the 28th

new moon on 28th after close would indicate the 28th, IMO.

Polarity is negative
Jaywiz index has last week's readings as negative @ 29-23-16-40

Power index gaps down from 500 sunday night to 400 Monday and stay's flat
Power index for Tuesday drops to 350
Power index for Wed opens at 350, but jumps up to 500, indicating a lower open & rebound

Flux today is LOW And Jagged at 900
Activity is FLAt at the 1 level

FUTURE readings are @ 2965 pointing toward a low on the 28th
Current readings are off the lows at 2965 up to 3010 , but are jagged indicating some erratic activity

Tidal index shows a LOW on 27th, but could be a day early as it also showed the 21st as a high, but it was the 20th.
In other wairds, its damn close but not exact

My outlook calls for LOWER but choppy thru the open on the 29th at 10:45am, then UP for the day
30th goes well
BIG rally on 31st

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