Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ravi said...Hi Eveyone:

I am bacck in the USA and the similar time zone as others here.

Looks like we completed Wave (iii) (up from 869 low) at July 16th hi of 943.96 and done a, b of extended correction for wave (iv) in two days. Today should be c of (iv), with a target in 927.45 to 934.31 area, the area of the prior lesser degree iv.

Say we end (iv) at 930; then (v) = 1.618 of (i) will target 960 area as the end of A and beginning of B for a deeper correction.

Can we do all that by 23rd to fit into Jay's time consideration? Certainly looks plausible if we sell of about 20 points today and then a do 30 points in a 5 wave up for the next two days.
Jaywiz wrote:

MY work seems to be looking at mid day on the 23rd for the HIGH & TURN

the reading for the 23rd=
Look for SUDDEN changes
safeguard your possessions

the BULK of the decline appears next week thru the AM of the 29th

960 to 970 should stop the advance if we get back to 940 area today which was last Ths/fri closes
I think 935 might be more than I can expect

Today's PROPENS shows
down -- up - down close

notice that Chankya's chart coincidentally also shows the 23rd as the TURN date

and AS I mentioned several times 2+3 =5 = change


Reza said...

So based on your readings its best to go short on 23 and close end of month. Then long until 9th of Aug.

Jay Strauss said...

Hi Reza
I dont like to project out that far, but YES on an overall basis

In between the 23rd and 29th, there are lots of ups & downs to capture $

NOTICE right NOw, as of 10:30, the SPX is +1.58 and the dow is up 58
IN actuality = DOW down 48
as compared tot he SPX

according to the propens , the day should end considerably lower

activity index right now at 10;15 is holding at the 200 level, thus we see the mkt in hold & up mode

There is also a 62%/13 day cycle TOMRROW at 10:43AM
this cycle can provide a pivot low,
OR a catapult as it did at 2pm yesterday effectively accelerating at the 3pm HOURLY TURN.


Jay Strauss said...

the PROPENS index NOW shows that after a MID DAY high as previously noted, the mkt should head for a PIVOT LOW TOMRROW MORNING, thsu confirming the 13 day pivot low tomrrow at 10:43am

IT looks LIKE the DECLINE will HIT in the LAST HOUR under the INFLUENCE of the Venus 90 SATURN

the LOW tomorrow compares well with 60bars at 10am and the HOURLY TURN at 11am

THUS we could ALSO see a 3pm HIGH on WED prior to giving up the WAVE
"C" high.

More LAter
we can note that 180 bars was due YESTERDAY at 11:30, but a Significant low did hit at 11am on the hourly

BAR cycles as YOU can see are FLUID, and can be influenced by other forces.

Anonymous said...

welcome back Ravi. The team is in place. Hope you did not have to face monsoon rain too much.

Thanks Jay. It seems that the close today early tomorrow is a good short exit. or 935 whichever comes first.


Jay Strauss said...

There is ONE adjunct to MY prior comment
ON AN ASTRO basis only
11:03am MERC 135 Uranus
AT The SAME time there is a 150bar cycle LOW and could provide the FIRST CLUE of a change in trend, BUT
the balance of the day has a dreamy attitude and should attemtp to recover from the MORNING LOWS

SELL off today AFTER 3:30pm into WED AM at 10:30 to 11am

RALLY WEd after 11am to 3pm

SELL OFf after 3pm to 11:03 am on Thursday & recovery HIGH at 3pm and or 4pm

SELL OFF wont accelerate until NEXT WEEK


Jay Strauss said...

In case you had any doubt, we can CLEARLy see the effect of the 258bar cycle at 11;30
as we watch the indeces levels decline some

but the activity index has NOT budged from its perch now at 233
at 11:45am


Jay Strauss said...

BTW, Today is a MURREY MATH reversal date

IF tomrrow DOES NOT exceed spx 957 at today's OPEN , then we can surmise the TOP of this move MIGHT have been done today at the PREVIOUS intraday HIGH on the SPX

BUT it really looks like tomrrow WILL do that and close higher.

HOW STUPID can anyone get, just to have something to say - people want to know -WHY
so Steve Leason says the mkt fell off on Ben's testimony-


ARAK said...

Missed ES short by 0.75 ticks. Had one waiting at 957 and did not get a fill. Will try again Wed/Thur.

Anonymous said...


Are we stll selling off into Wednesday morning? Do you still see this in your crystal ball? How you Ravi?



Anonymous said...

McLaren has today, the 21st, as a CIT


Jay Strauss said...

SINCE the 28bar cycle PROVIDED a DOWN Turn and NOT a PIVOT low, we must now LOOK at the 329 bar cycle to be more prominent
That gets us to tomorrow
at 11am ~ 11:30
At 11:20 we also have a Moon # Pluto
indicating a hard aspect

And the 13 day cycle has been KNOWN to stretch beyond the scheduled time at 10:43am

We Dont have to be greedy when buying and or selling as long as we participate and make some $$ at it{g]

CIT's are being printed as today and or tomrrow & the 23rd.
WE all know that TOPS roll over and it usually takes 3 days to complete- go back to Oct 9 to 12th, 2007


rrman said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Jay Nostradamus

Can you please indicate in laymans language:) what actions to take.
I got so confused with these confusing messages. Time to time pl let poor people like me know when to buy or sell in simple lingo. God bless you.

Jay Strauss said...

Please DONT expect ANY BIG moves THIS WEEK
It aint gonna happen, but we should get enuf to make a little $$ on it

THE BIGGER decline is due NEXT week


ARAK said...


wasn't trying to be greedy. 957.25 was last peak, so I set it for 957 and went to a meeting ... was not watching the tape to grab 956.

Anonymous said...


ARAK said...

Sounds like a repeat of what happened in Jun.

Jay Strauss said...

Please DONT expect ANY BIG moves THIS WEEK
It aint gonna happen, but we should get enuf to make a little $$ on it

THE BIGGER decline is due NEXT week

Unknown said...

All eyes are on AAPL which reports
earnings after todays' close.

Anonymous said...

CIT = change in trend

Anonymous said...

interesting blog you have here jay,i like your take on intra day cycles etc,im not sure how useful they are in wicked trending markets like this one though.nearly 5pts up from the 3.30 turn. not being picky or critical as ive only been following your blog for a few weeks.regards danny.

Anonymous said...

my gosh. Another Big Gap-Up tomorrow. Unbelievable. This is absolutely one of the most powerful rallys ever. Poor shorts. Tomorrow they will be jumping off of rooftops.


Jay Strauss said...

Hi Danny,& KK welcome aboard

Please register as a member if not already done- thanks

YES Danny, in mkts like this NO ONE makes $$

KK- dont get too HOT and over exhuberance will get you trapped at the TOP

Yes ARAK, just like JUNE
and the same will occur in August

You can go down unless your at a HIGH

Sorry for the constant updates, but some of you require more hand holding than others