Wednesday, July 01, 2009

WAVE 2 still in progess

Some of YOU have SHORT term memory loss,
no money is lost unless you close out the position

THE CHART above was POSTED a few days ago and its STILL THE SAME OLD SAME OLD

ONCE wave 2 ends, we will KNOW it for sure as Spx 912.79 will be smashed convincingly

We have posted the target prices several times

the DOW according to Woodson , and please no derogatory comments about him- i dont care
Im just using HIS math

DOW 8877 on JUNE11th to 8259on June 24th was 618pts fibo
THAT as we have posted several times was WAVE 1

WHEN Wave 2's are elongated, IT means wave 4 will NOT BE
From 8259 we have reached a high of 8575 - a perfect 50% retracement of 310 pts
And they are BANGING upon that line in the SAND RIGHT NOW at NOON
thus matching the SPX 930 high ALSO at the same time

Whats NEXT ??
Today has been pegged by E ZONE as a critical day - not sure what that means-
but it looks like [[IMO a]]] HUGE TURN IS ABOUT TO HIT

And that can ONLY BE the start of wave 3
Dow targets are 7972 to as low as 7560

What intersting is MANY are projecting MID JULY for that event, and I have projected that
also BUT changed in NOW to JULY9th as of yesterday comments

Yes July 15th has some negative connotations , but I dont think its going to be the LOW
I see July15 as a setback in a rally to Jul22nd as a high

More about this later
Its TOO FAR ahead and NO one remembers what I wrote, except me, and sometimes I forget


Ravi said...

Hi Jay:

The chart you posted is SPX and the move from 956 to 889 can not be counted as five way impulse. It was a 5 3 5 and could be counted as 1, 2, i,ii until before we crossed 97.09.

So that is not a wave 1 down and we are not in wave 2 waiting for wave 3 down. As Dan Eric shows the bearish scenario is that we are in X of a W,X, Y and in that case Y comes once W is finished, which it did not yesterday.

Dan also has a bullish scenario where 888 was it before going to 1000+ for cyclical top of P2.

The bearish scenario at bes gets us to 820, before we go to that 100+.

Even if we have completed X at 931.57 today to 4 pm close, there does not seem enough time in the to close below yesterday's closing.

Are you still expecting a strong up tomorrow? higher than today's high?


Ravi said...

Hi Jay:

Let me add that it may be counted as 5 down DJI for wave 1, though not in SPX. That can be best resolved by calling the lower low as extended correction when SPX made normal correction within X.


Jay Strauss said...

everyone settle down
Heres whats NEXt

June 23rd LOW at 10;30 + 39 hours 11am today where the SPX banged Up against 931.09 and started to erode now at 1pm = 927.54
MORE to abosrb

ASTRO dictates the WAVES
Before Monday we need to see wave i and ii of 3 get established

Today WILL COLLAPSE b4 the day ends, maybe at 1pm and or 3pm , but it is coming; = wave i of 3 which could spill over to tomrrow also , maybe to 902

then Tomrrow will rebound from a low, but just enuf to test prior support such as spx 912.66
MAKING wave ii of 3

That SETS UP Monday for wave iii of 3,
ITs the day prior to an eclipse
and riddled with negative energy

monday close is 26 hours from the 930.01 high on the 30th at 9:45am

Once wave iii is complete, we have to endure wave iv
which as previously explained should be trunctated to 13 hours or 2 days
= JULY8th as per FLASH who wants to see that day as a high
ONCE again 26 +13 = 39 hours to
the close of July8th & wave iv

FLASH, are you reading this??
feel free to comment

NEXt comes WAVE v
IF wave iii took ONE day then wave v should do the same
and should be =to wave 1- which we are expecting momentarily.

That gives US JULY 9th which IVe already given you the timing but here it is again

1. it is 55 tr days from April20th LOW to low

2.180 days oct 20
176 tr days oct 27th

Oct 27th is on a 4day/8day cycle LOW of 176 tr days = 8x 22 segments or 4 x 44
AND it is ALSO VERY NEAR the 13 day cycle COMPLETION.

NOW why is this important?
On oct27th we had a convergence
of the same cycles at 4pm
The next day exploded UP

NOW we have MONDAY JULY 13th pegged as A HIGH energy date
and the mkt should be in SOLID rally mode leading to a JULY 22nd high with only the 15th as a setback day on the way up.
AFTER which the bear shows his claws again


I dont know HOW many times I will have to repost this scenario?

more later

HOW LOW,? low unuf to be called

Ravi said...


This morning you were expecting sell off into the closing with strong up tomorrow. Updating your cycle work with the latest market gyrations; how does that change.

So far the downtrend from today's top looks a corrective flag indicating one more hi above 931.46, that may come towards the close.


Anonymous said...

Thaks jay and ravi, this am I added spx puts. Please visit Cahugner blog. His projections are identical to jasy. Enjoy the down turn guys.

lokat his chart shows 7xx on spx by July 9.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for the clarification

However, the OUTCOME should be the same

MONDAY JULY6th has the potential for a CRASH TYPE DAY
10:43am Mars 90 Neptune= GROUNDING is LOST
Venues 150 Pluto= controlling people cause suffering
Mars 90 Jupiter
Eclipse at 5:22 am on 7th effects the day prior
= hard work & discipline , but UNSTABLE EMOTIONS drive outcomes.

THE readings
Travelers beware- we've already seen crashes this week and multiple celeb deaths
expect arguments, tempers &

And refer to my previous comments for timing

Jay Strauss said...

Ive posted this b4
Murrey match reversal days


FLASH- are you reading this?


Neptune in retro is backing into another 0 with Jupiter on the 10th at 5am, thus effecting the 9th
And thats another reason why the 90's on the 6th are so powerful
Jupiter can work both directions
especially when meeting with the illusions of neptune and SQUARING warlike MARS

Hmmm did some one just mention WARLIKE?? oh yeh, it was me

Ive given you ALL the ammo you need to get SHORT 125%

I REALIZE the some of yuo will CUT and RUN- The market does that to you at JUST THE WRONG TIME
I used to get caught in that trap lots of times in the past.

And even when we would get a severe sell off, I would bail out mid day instead of holding till the close

WELL this time In in FOR MONDAY's crash till closing
2 of the the aspects are just after closing and its a 26 hr high to low cycle point @4pm


thats IT, Im done


Jay Strauss said...

Ok, here it comes
ACTIVITY INDEX has now dropped from
a high earlier today at 233 to NOW at 100 and its NOW 2:45pm


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay,

Have a beary nice evening.


Anonymous said...

Good Work Jay!



Jay Strauss said...

Consider that wave count
from June11 to July9th

June 11 to June 23= WAVE "A"
June 23 to July1st = wave "B"
July1st to 9th = WAVE "C"

dow wave 5 waves down
3 waves up
next is 5 wave DOWN

Ravi said...


That A, B, C looks right with SPX,using generic terminology, but nothing to say we are done today on B, we could go to around 940 tomorrow . The extension of B, makes it difficult to imagine a C endin next Friday. If we top tomorrow, that is 5 trading days.

For non-EW people note that when the A, B, C you described is labeled within the complex move fro March, it can get labeled X,Y,Z.


Jay Strauss said...

IT is POSSIBLE that the POWER INDEX is OFF by a few hours and what Im looking at will be reflected at tomrrow's OPen rather than what I had been expecting for today

NOTHING has changed except moving the translation to the right

THAT drop to 902 and retrace to 912 should be whats NEXT

EVEN if its tomrrow
there is NO TIME LEFT otherwise.

Monday is setup for a NASTY day


Jay Strauss said...

Yes there is something to say it was done at 10;30 this AM

THE 26 and 39 hour cycle count
that I laid out