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Friday, March 30, 2012

market direction, whats next - MONDAY April 2nd - getting ready to take the plunge

I REALLY HATE when these markets DRAG out before selling off substantially

Some letter writers advcating silver & gold STRONG rallies- IMV, its TOO LATE, those cycles have come & gone last year at gold 1920.

Media Comments for the cost of GASOLINE are AGAIN pushing $5.00 per gallon.
We know historically that every time they try to blow the roof off OIL, IT takes a DIVE- as IT has done so far from last weeks highs, thus GAS prices should also take a dive

NEXT week has SOME interesting CYCLES converging

April 5th = 67 tr days from the GOLD low on Dec29th at 1528
April 5th = 68 tr days from the SPX pivot low
April5th = 144 tr days from9/9 low
April 5th =233 tr days from the May 5th turn, May2nd actual high

Today's EKG below shows Today as not much danger to the bull side
Today is 104 tr days from the Oct 3rd LOW, - NOT making a low today then
a STRONG TURN should be whats occurring, thus today could offer the last chance to get short before a serious sell off.

additional cycles convergences
90days Nov 25 low
167days Aug 8th low
267 Mar16 low
367 Oct10, 2010 low

Hurst cycles- coming a little later than shown above thus conforming with the 67 tr day cycle

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