POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

market direction, whats next -- Strong SELL SIGNAL Signals were issued by the INTERNAL TECH DATA

IT WOULD APPEAR that we wont STRAY too far from the 1400 level today.
using the POwER data compared to the EKG, I think we can see a possible
secondary high tomorrow JUST PRIOR to the LEI report at 10am

IT IS MY VIEW that the Market will START a more severe decline AFTER
the MODERATE POSITIVE NEW MOON effect at 10:37, AKA the LEI report at 10am,
continuing LOWER THRU the 26th for starters, which is apparent on the Power DATA, not yet
updated for the VPN group.

SEE below HOW the EKG rebounds at the END of the day today,
and possibly opens higher tomrrow, before heading substantially lower
-not available yet.

Today, a short term low looks possible for 2:30 at 228bars

SO< IM Thinking about that trade at 11am to 2;30, but it
probably wont produce anything of large value
more of a scalp trade.
the BIGGER move that I'm inclined to go after looks like
TOMRROW at open thru the 26th at close or 27th at open to 10am
and even probably 12;30pm at 258bars- but more on that later.

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