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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

market direction, whats next - SPECIAL REPORT - SPX

IVe been a Little OFF kilter the past couple weeks here at the blog with some of my conclusions about market direction , but  frankly the VPN members have gotten much more detail that seem to contradict what I had been proposing for this week.

the graphs & charts were published much earier this month will show a high on mar15th, a low on the 19th, and subsequent TOP on Mar22nd . Instaed of writing all this out and boring you to death- lets see the graphs & data.

I havent been promoting the VPN latelty incaes yuo didnt notice since my projections have not been falling into place, but I think you will see a huge difference once yu review the material.

OK !! already - ENUF GAB [gg] where's those graphs??

OF COURSE, there is MUCH discusssion added with these graphs & charts
 which identify what they represent
&  how to interpret each one

IMPACT just above showing a bit of rolling over but NO dramatic plunge like there was on MARCH 5th

STAY TUNED for further updates

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