Friday, June 01, 2012

MARKET TIMING- Whats Next for June1st - COMPARE Yesterday's EMAIL to the VPN group and Today's SPX

all systems in SYNC
still thinking lows at 10am - 12;30 & 2pm
any or all those times could prove a low

258bars at 3pm even tho IS OFTEN the LOD, in this case today MIGHT begin an escalation UP
228bars @ 12:30 could truncate to 220bars AT NOON, which it does on rare occasions, as shown by 2 EKG's below.

TED line SUPPORT is still at 1274- those levels NEVER CHANGE
the spx could touch that or come within .5% of that which = 1280.37

SINCE the FULL MOON Eclipse is on Monday at 7:12am, it should act as a catapult as shown by the PD

June 1st at 8am

 From the high in April of 1422
Wv 1 was 1357
Wv 2 was an 89% retrace to 1415
Wv 3 was 1.90 of 1 to 1292
Wv 4 was a 35% retrace to 1335
If 5 = 1 then we should target 1270 as then end of Wave 5

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