Saturday, June 09, 2012

Stock Market Timing FORECAST -Whats Next !!

Lets take look back and see what happened last week and what the EKG FORECAST was.

Keep in mind the JAWYIZ EKG grows every day as each hour progresses
Sunday night we get to see what Mondays STOCK MARKET TRADING will look like.
Monday at 8am, we see ALL of Monday's STOCK MARKET TRADING, 
and about 1/3 of Tuesday- & so forth.

THE DYNAMIC~IMPACT & ACTIVITY data don't show anything dramatic in either direction,
thus anything that might look like it means something is probably only a short term move. 

 Now lets look back at last weeks JAYWIZ EKG and compare it to the SPX TRADING for the week

NOTE that the EKG and SPX do NOT match up 100%-
also, the DEPTH of the swing may not match that well either as the EKG is GREAT for identifying INTRADAY SWINGS, but not that great at the depth of those trading swings.

Now we combine this with the other scientific data, Elliott wave, CYCLES, ENERGY, etc and we end up with an excellent program to identify whats most likely to occur next. 

Jaywiz GOAL is to provide additional data that cant be found anywhere else on the web, and tie it to some well known systems as noted above- giving traders the opportunity to make more informed trading decisions , which of course leads to making more money.

Just scroll down to read some recent comments from the VPN members, who have found out how to assimilate Jaywiz along with their own work & have achieved solid results.

Stay tuned for further updates


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