Thursday, December 18, 2008

Change of Venue

NO Crash in site

Unlike some others with whom I converse, I do not see a crash coming

It appears that Nov 21 was the LOW of Minor wave 3

Minor wave 4 can now take its sweet time and complete NEXT DEC 2009

Not to say there wont be serious setbacks in between - of course there will be

without going into detail, heres my outlook for the balance of December

TODAY - a mid day low today hit at 12:30 right on 30 bars
60 bars hits at 3pm next at the same time as an hourly cycle
If a high, the day should end lower

FRIDAY Dec 19th
has a fibo 38% /13 day cycle at 12;15 and any rally in the AM should set back, but the day should end higher

The RALLY is under and has been influenced by a SUN 0 Pluto which occurs on Monday at 5am

Monday is interesting since it is the day after the conjunction it also is
144 tr days from 5/29high
233 tr days from Jan 22-
Also is 1/2 or 50% of the 13 day cycle at 4pm
or it could spill over to the open on the 23rd fro about 10 minutes at the most
Its also 228 bars right at the same time

On Dec 23rd there is the 55% /13 day cycle at 1:08pm
which should hold them back till after that point, but the day should end
substantially higher as well as the 24th which is a half day closing at 1pm.

the next important cycle high is Dec 30/31st
The year should open with a smack down on the 2nd and jan 5th low @ 3;30pm

My best bet for a trade is shorting the close Friday
Yes, I know - go into the wkend flat- but some times you have to break the rule
Monday opens at 150 bars, and we have seen this effect b4.

More later

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Superbear said...

Could be similar to last year. It was up 17-24 and declined into 8th.

BTW, I still don't see upside after Jun/Jul. We may see a decline late Jan into early/late Feb.