Friday, December 19, 2008

minor 4th wave

Shankar, I think you hit it right on The first 10 days of Feb- I'll explain

There were 48 tr days from July 15 low to spt 22 where it turned down

using 48 trade days from Nov 20 take us to YES, your right Jan 30, right after the Jan 26 LUNAR eclipse

FEb 4th has Saturn 180 Uranus, the same aspect the hit on Feb 27th 2007, the first warning dow off 417
And the SOLAR eclipse on Feb 9, and more hard aspects on the 10th/11th =Friday

Thats future stuff; lets come back to present

Dec 16th is only 17 trade days from Nov 21, but did gain 1500 points off the lows 7475 to 8975
Now they can drop 500 easy which they almost did already but 50% = 750 pts = 8225
& 62% = 930 pts =8045
just speculating ?????? yesterdays close at 8605

today has 90 bars @ 11
Hourly at 12;49= could be the high of the day
126 b @ 2pm and 150 at close which could actually effect the open on Monday with a sharp sell off

Natural energy indicated a low on the 18th, rebound on the 19th and sell off on 22nd
EXPECT 23/24th rebound to be strong = XMAS RALLY

Next 8 day high and turn are Dec30/31
Expecting Jan 2 & 5th to sell off

More later

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Anonymous said...


As per the modified Bradley of Markus Rose of Rosecast Timing.

quoting from his email.

"However the Rosecast - Bradley, the proprietary modification of myself of the original Bradley formula - indicates that a multi-months low will only come to be exact between January 8 and January 14, 2009. "

Sounds good to me.