Wednesday, December 17, 2008

completed wave

minor wave 4 looks like a completion of a,b,c,d, and e on the 16th

today marks and 8day high, and if they get below 900 today--, it will collapse
its now 3;35 as i write this
but tomorrow marks an 8 day TURN, and it looks like it will wait unless the last 15 minutes today

Tomorrow starts minor wave 5 & it should be dramatic
7475 low to 8975 high =1500 pts
use your fibo math to get to lower levels
38% = 570 pts = dow @ 8355
and so forth

Some are saying spx 600 by Feb 4th,
which is a very heavy astro date equal to Feb 27th, 2007
when the dow fell 417 pts that day - that was the wake up call
and the Armstrong biz turn date

Friday has a 38.2% /13 day cycle at 12:15
Monday has a 50% /13 day cycle at 4pm
OR open on 23rd
23rd is 34 tr days from Nov 4th
and should offer a change in trend


Dec 22 is 233 FIBO tr days from jan 22nd
I guess Ms market likes 22nd dates
from there
I can see a strong rebound into Dec 31st

Ive mentioned this many times
numerology # 5 = CHANGE

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