Friday, December 12, 2008

Uh OH !!!

I WARNED you MANY TIMES this would happen

AND its NOT the SENATE's fault

I told this group and others that the UAW would NOT give in to pay cuts

BIG 3 & GM to file BK - Unheard of for 100 years

Unless Microsoft decides to buy them ((GGGGGGG))

And some tell STEVE DUCEY to take that sh___ eatin grin off his face every time he thinks he's got the Pres elect by
what Jesse Jackson wanted to cut off
He and FOX NEWS editors continue to try to
TIE a line across the divide with a SHORT ROPE

When i wrote LOY, it OBVIOUSLY means 2008.

Today could be the FIRST 1000 pt loss in US HISTORY

NOW, whats going to CHANGE

PESSIMISM will NOW ABOUND as opposed to rampant
optimism of MONDAY DEC 8th

that is the negative sentiment that will drive the
dow higher in 2009 watch the MEDIA, and wee how their
comments will reflect negative expressions int he coming months

They will NOW be looking over their shoulders to look
for the next shoe to drop

Now they expect PRES Bush to come forward and ask the
treasury to loan the BIG 3 the $$$ they need to survive
without a BK - that could be Dec 17th -
Wednesday's SURPRISE event to catapult the mkt.
Im sure Pres Bush doesn't want to be known by history as the Pres
who caused the AUTO industry to declare BK

From Dec 16, 2008, the dow could gain back as much
as 5000 points all the way thru Dec of 2009
Of course its NEVER a straight line, but the
CORRECTION from Oct 9,2007 & 300 tr days later has ended,
thus the bulls are back in command, CLIMBING that WALL OF WORRY

And when we get to NEXT DEC and the MEDIA is screaming
You can be sure its all over right there

More later

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