Sunday, January 30, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Jan31st CLOSING REPORT

8:30AM EKG revised based on 8:30AM SPX Futures- showing a mildly bullish open
7PM Sunday NIGHT, subject to 8:30am revision based on spx futures
258bars @ noon
30bars @ 2:30

NOt a fruitful day
better tonight

8:30am comment
Today calls for STRONG AMBITIONS, but FRUITLESS action
Activity index is FLAT at its lowest values of 33 & 66 ALL NITE into this AM
FLUX, once again has become unstable with strong fluctuations the last 3 days
Impact stream this morning is also heading lower showing lack of strength.
I had envisioned a MOSTLY DOWN DAY today, BUT the EKG STill PEGGED the days movement.
Activity INDEX jumped UP TO 300 at about NOON, but impact stream did not keep pace with that.


Jay Strauss said...

IM really VERY GLAD there are NO comments
Im not controversial like RED DRAGON
who I Like very much also, but I ONLY publish facts, not my OPINIONS

The data is SCIENTIFIC - not off the top of my head like many who have come and gone from here

WE do get many good traders who have also been silent since SPT as the mkt has NOT provided any volatility

BUT that is about to change
Then it will slip back into a rising trend again for a few months
Just like the 2011 GRAPH shows

more later

Abdullah said...

Now, either everyone in the world believes the Egypt problem will blow over quickly and they can't wait to get back into glorious stocks, OR, someone with really really deep pockets has been buying futures all night.

Abdullah said...

What I'm thinking is that we come into February tomorrow, new month money goes to work, and they rah rah everything.. but then Friday we have the jobs report. Is it really going to be any good? No. Even if it shows a gain, it's so far behind what's really going on that it's worthless. We've lost 8 million jobs and we've been posting 100 thousand. It's peanuts.
I think we hold up this week, and then starting next week, we see that profit taking pull down.

rrman said...
helge long term chart is agreeing with Jay short the pop today and another pop tonight but the big down into March starts tomorrow ...beware

rrman said...

Jay here's what I put out to my email list I think you are right on!
If you want to sell your longs and/or go short the market around 1pm central will be the time.
It looks like tonight will begin the big down and holding until tomorrow will be too late the
market has been making the big moves in after hours to keep the regular people from profiting.

Sell all longs esp. UNP

buy Natural Gas UNG now 5.81 cheap cheap cheap
buy tza 3x short small caps
buy drr 2x short Euro
buy dto short oil

its like a smorgasboard at this point...

Reza said...

Smart money or whatever, is looking dumb buying here

Abdullah said...

rman - took CHK at 27.55

she has more room going up.

Jay Strauss said...

OK Rmann
GOT IT, but I still think we have more time
AFTER FEB 17th, and maybe even AFTER March 17th


BUT BULLS are weakening on each successive rally

Abdullah said...

$150 oil will shock markets warns Jim Rogers as Egypt boils.

President Obama does not understand what is going on. Only another financial crisis will resolve the debt crisis.

rrman said...

I think this is the blow off top for oil just like 2008 the oil companies are going to be sucking wind in a few months