Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Jan5th PM report

WE can see strength this afternoon from the above

IMPACT stream in RED on top is pulsing UNDER the dotted line indicating weakness
matching the LOWER futures this AM
& matching the EKG which indicates a low mid to late day.
258bars at 2;30pm might be the lod

The POWER DATA graph previously published agrees with a low today,
 but next 2 days are showing strength , but the energy outlook shows a low due Friday AM

more later

At noon, the mkt is responding well to the above graphs as it seems a recovery from the AM open low at 13hours is in progress- the POWER data seems to think there wont be another low today, but we will have to wait to see if that one agrees.
Activity index at NOON HAS DROPPED FROM 233 to 100 and there can be as much as a 90 minute delay leading to the 258b pivot at 2:30, which does NOT have to be the lod, but should offer a level
lower than where we are right now

INTRADAY direction once again was quite precise, but the day ended near its highs
So far HOLDING JUST UNDER that threashold of 1278 = 9
 9 in numerology is a number that indicates completion
Weve seen tops at 9's and sometimes at 5's which indicate CHANGE



Abdullah said...

I think there were many that wanted to run to the exits, but got swayed by the ADP employment number.

Don't forget Friday is the big jobs report and if it's really good.. most are thinking the market would probably run up and they don't want to miss that.

Abdullah said...

If the crooks want 11,800 this would be the week to do it.

Abdullah said...

The ADP employment say some 290K jobs were created in December.

Here's the facts. Ben Bernanke is printing money. It has to go somewhere. If you push trillions of dollars into a pipe, something comes out the other side. Yes we're seeing increased economic activity. But the question is.. is any of it organic growth? If Benji wasn't printing $trillions, could the economy continue to move sideways and up? I suggest the answer is ... not a chance.

Jay Strauss said...

The POWER data shows TOMRROW as a more pronounced selling day than today.

the mkt has been what I might call CONSTIPATED for months

One of these days soon, it will really let go.{G}

Alphie's chart shows a DIP and higher after which agrees with another runup on the 7th, and energy indicates the 10th HOLDS the highs

9th and 11th are Bradley dates
which, IMO makes the 10th the PERFECT HIGH, and the outlook for the 11th DOES show a CHANGE-


Abdullah said...

Jay -
"the mkt has been what I might call CONSTIPATED for months

One of these days soon, it will really let go.{G} "

LOL - I sure hope so. My short positions keeps sliding with 62% down. I kick myself WHY i did not use STOP/LOSS long time ago. I should of known better. Oh well, 2011 wll be the year of the BEAR.

Abdullah said...

Gold lost more than 2% yesterday. The uptrend is now at risk of faltering after it failed to eclipse the December 7th high of $1,430. Now the yellow metal is testing support of the 50-day moving average. This level has been a strong support zone on the three previous pullbacks.

Jay Strauss said...

ANYONE REMEMBER when I wrote that JAN6th could be a TOP
It was a few months ago


Abdullah said...

Gold is an indication of major market movement.