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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -NOV 18th - WE Have NOT HIT A LOW -YET

I've shown the VPN group a chart of a possible Elliott wave pattern that ENDS on NOV 25-28 with quite a noise maker for world stock markets.

There are obviously multiple outcomes, and or Elliott wave counts, but the clarity of which usually is best seen in hind site- thats a typical complaint for many who dislike Elliott waves.

And in similar fashion there are many who dont like to pay attention to harmonic clusters of energy both positive & negative
-once again the value of such data is usually seen best after the fact.
this Friday has a solar eclipse, and its too bad its only a half day since that means any further effects should carry over to the 28th.

NOW, just because its a solar eclipse doesnt neccessarily mean
much by itself, - NEW moons are BI- POLAR- which means they can coincide with highs as well as important sell off lows. Princess Diana was lost to the world on a solar eclipse.

THIS TIME however, there are numerous other events taking place which are CULSTERED within a very narrow time frame
as well as their placement which tend to have a very detrimental
effect on human emotions- thus coinciding with an important possible sell off for world stock markets.

note the action around the November full moon
high on 8th
big drop on 9th, recovery on 10-11 full moon, 
like the energizer bunny for stocks.
Bradley turn date on the 12th. and we see the after effects

Now we have a Bradley date on the 23rd
will that signal a LOW and turn higher, or an interim
rebound just prior to a THUD ?

The actual Elliott wave count from May 2nd at 1370 to
Nov 28th will obviously be a lot clearer once we see where the price levels for the major indeces end up at.
BUT I have drawn a graph for the VPN group which includes
such an event as mentioned above with the caveat of labelling
more clearly afterward.

SURE, You want to KNOW-
there are 2 distinct possible outcomes in my view.
1. at or just above 1075
2. below 1075

And what about 2012?- well what about it?
Will this wave event be labelled as wave 1 of a new downtrend
or a 4th wave low with a new start of a 5th wave to yet another recovery high, or even make an all time new high by election day 2012??

Ive made some projections for the VPN group, and they will firm up somewhat with the conclusion of next week's events


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