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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -NOV 2nd ~~ FED day- NOTHING NEW !!

EKG at 9:10am OLD EKG

Today calls for a revitalization but for what ??

IS this just  FED pause and is the mkt going to shed more tomrrow ?

That End of day dip shown above may or may not materialize, but thats the mkt doing its
best to confuse the players

204b @ 10am
13hrs @ 10am
228b @ noon
Neg E @ 12;30
Fed @ 12;30
258b @ 2:30 , might offer the LOD

Tomrrow promises to open higher, but gives it back during the day
and the prelim EKG shows that also

more later
 MY WARNINGS IN JUNE & EARLY JULY about a market MELT DOWN were scoffed at
and ridiculed by some and yet we GOT it from JULY 6th to Aug9th nearly 300 SPX pts

Ive also been warning in October about a trap door, which obviously did not open as the spx ran from
1075 to 1292, and got the whole world BULLISH amidst a European debt summit.

And NOW we have the aftermath and reality can set in to blow out the candle

Nov 11th to 14th does have a cluster of neg energy which could coincide with a serious setback
and possibly make a secondary pivot low.

1 comment:

Jay Strauss said...

There will be times that the short term price action will go against you no matter how good you are.

It is there that I don't get panicked and sit tight to let it come back to its direction. News, manipulations, OE non technicality etc are all short term noises. Trading is all about risk management.

Instead of one position consider a grid, revise your exit with changing number of positions, lots and also time scale you are trading. Bear in mind that if you even go against the main trend, there will a time that the price will retrace.

thnx, Ibo
well said