Sunday, November 27, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -NOV 26th- VPN - NOTES to Jay

NOTES from VPN members
Good Morning Jay,
Just a quick e-mail to tell you how much I appreciated this update. It is extremely clear for me and very helpful especially coming before markets close. It gives us a nice edge and I hope you could continue this. If so you have a lifetime member in me -lol
Be well,

Hi Jay thanks for your patience, payment was sent through your blog .You can also keep the payment from pay pal, So i am paid  up for six months. i promise never to use paypal again , thanks.

I wanted to go short today, but was not quite sure if I should be short over the weekend. In the past I was looking for 1 week to 3 week trades using moving averages which has not worked well-mostly being whipsawed. I discovered Astrology and it has opened my eyes, and I loved how you hinted at it in your work-(eg. Energy and Moon), so I decided to subscribe and I love what I see.  I would just like to have more confidence in my trading and your work helps.   Being able to follow you trades  and why you are putting on the trades would be perfect.

Thanks again,

I'm Canadian, but wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
best regards,


SPX 1122 is volume support. So your 1126 target is good.



Its easier when u say, you are going short/long etc and closing the position.
thanks for your hard work

hi Jay,
I'm too spending lots of time doing research and backtesting. I understand your pain.
If you have additional trading rules or information, please kindly send to me. I need to learn how to combine your method/forecast to trade profitably.
Your daily trend projection helps alot. Please kindly continue to do so.
I will trade your forecasts carefully.
Good Trading,
hi Jay,

Sorry to bother you but the learning curve is very steep...It will take some time for me to "read" and "understand" the EKG so please please "decode" the EKG with a trading plan so I can follow your trades.

You said, "Im short Q's from Friday open and second buy about 2pm". So you were short the QQQQ from Friday's open (nice ! ) and then you bought additional "short" around 2pm? (wow...nice I wish I had too).

You said, "Rally from 4pm close to @23 OPEN, but cant tell how long it will last". Do you mean on the ES would rally from Monday's close till Nov 23 open?  

"@23 open" -- do you mean Nov 23 ? or 2300 hr (Military time?). My guess is based on your monthly projection. 

Would you consider to setup a yahoo group or skype private group (like a trading room ) for your subscribers so we can follow your trades in real time ? I will definitely join your trading room if you would do it. 
ok...I look forward to learning from you.

Best regards,
Hi Jay,

Thanks for the reply. makes sense and yes shorting and staying short is difficult in view of the whips. your 3rd scenario for a big drop this week seems scary .  they always take it further than you imagine just to create doubt .

anyway the 25th will be  an interesting date.

Enjoy the rest of the w.e.


Thanks Jay!!!!

I am looking fwd to receiving the graph fro today, over night and Monday opening; I LOVED it and it helped a lot so I knew hoe to position myself at close yesterday. You are the BEST!


I like the new EKG but pose a question:  Is there a way you can label the EKG [like bottom of the chart]with probable CIT times for the day?
You give us the info below the chart when posted and you may not be paid enough to take that extra step.
Regardless, you are worth the sub fee.

Thanks again


You wrote: "YET ANOTHER ekg resource" and "Im attempting to converge" -  Remember, we dont need every tick.  Don't over-tweak that thing brother, it was workin pretty darn well:) 

And just an observation: I like seeing the "old" ekg compared with the "new."  Sometimes the "old" was right on, and if it matches other technical work it can be thrown into the mix as confirmation of trading ideas.  The person who tried to talk you out of posting the "old" ekg (obviously) didn't understand its usefullness.

Happy Friday

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