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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -NOV 22nd UPDATE - EKG for today

EKG #3 at 9am on NOV 22
As mentioned before

258bars & an Ed CYCLE low was DUE at 4pm and OR open today

VERY OFTEN a 4pm CYCLE convergence rolls over to the next day's open,
and according to the 0AM futures, it certainly looks that way

But that convergence then opens the door for a recovery rebound and if we do a little match
we can get some idea of when to short next.

All three EKG's indicate similar activity today
and the EARLY indication for tomorrow also shows a down open

SUPER COMMITTEE failure did NOT crash the mkt --- JUST MORE NOISE
BUT, IF there is to be any further downgrades, thus NEGATIVELY effecting the 25th, WHEN would that
that most likely be announced?

SINCE the S&P did it Friday after CLOSE on Aug5th,
I would GUESS this time, IF its coming from any rating agency, -
IT MIGHT OCCUR on WED after 4pm-- GEEZ, happy Turkey day ??

1184 = 50% of previous run
1158= 62%
1126 = 78%

rebound possible
1264 to 1184 = 80 pts
theres that 40 pt rule again -- 2x 40 =80

80 x 38% = 30 + 1184= 1214
80 x 50% = 40 + 1184= 1224
THAT IS< IF there is a rebound of any kind the next 2 days



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