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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -NOV CRASHETTE - WHEN will the other SHOE FALL ??

ITS REALLY AMAZING to watch Readership drop off

when the market is in a rising mode

or when Jaywiz does not see any evidence of a major market sell off

If you want to know when the next one is coming,  
just JOIN the VPN and find out what they already know.

GOLD is setup also waiting for the next SHOE to fall
~~bank or country to FAIL

ps; It may be sooner than we think

more later

 CME clarification

PS, ive got jury duty Monday - dont expect extensive updates

1 comment:

Jay Strauss said...

YEH. OK I know what your thinking

there he goes again


CRASHES area EXTREMELY RARE birds and may only happen once in many decades such as 2008-09 in relation to 1974-1975 which was many yrs in between

BUT that doesnt stop the mkt from
VOLATILITY moves of 100 to 200 spx pts within a short time period

TRUE, those are not crashes
and may only amount to a possible 13% maximum swing

BUT thats certainly what traders are looking for, and since 2007 we can easily see that BUY& HOLD is dead for a long time

If Yr 2000 was the TOP of the K wave, then we can expect an 18 year K-WAVE WINTER, thus any chance of buy & hold taking over should not begin to have any merit until then.

more later