POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Market Timing-Whats Next !! dont trade without this

Once again, the PRO W and Power Data  prove just how valuable they are for 
predicting forward price movement.

These are DELIVERED way ahead of time but for our purpose here, it should be deemed as a sample of what You COULD HAVE KNOWN if you were a VPN member

VIRTUAL PRIVATE NEWSLETTER tells all UP to 2 weeks in advance
TODAY closed IN right on that V on the 23rd and now shows a recovery for 2mrw,
which also looks good on a technical basis with the VIX jumping UP .99 today from 12.78 to 13.77---
 but that's only ONE TECH Piece of data that we review EVERY DAY

Stay ahead



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