Thursday, January 09, 2014

Market Timing-Whats Next !! How to Benefit from the LEARNING Curve at Jaywiz

HI Jay,
I just read today's blog and wanted to share that
I can sympathize with trader Patrick to a degree. 
I've been with you over a year, but from what I recall
as a newbee, unfamiliar with the products, 
I spent a significant amount of time digesting,
processing, and understanding the intricacies and
nuances of the various tools before trading with them. 
In fairness, I also had to learn to separate some of
PapaBear's bias from what I thought the data was telling me. 
In short, it took some homework and hard work to learn
what effectively worked for my style--as well as how to
properly apply the resources in a consistent manner. 
In the end, the PD turned out to be my favorite--
especially when used in conjunction with the Pro-W,
monthly projections, and daily EKGs.  
I've found this combination to be an amazingly effective 
means of supporting my trades.  Yes, it's not always perfect --
then again, what is?  But, over the last five years,
I've looked at and tried enough stuff from both bull
and bear sites to know a great trading system when I see it
-- and for me,
the JayWiz PD has become my holy grail for trading.
It's my personal Pay Day system -- and as you know,
I'm pretty open about sharing insight on my trades --
long and short, winning and losing --
and 2013 was definitely a BIG win year!
Best to you in 2014
Dc bear

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