Saturday, March 01, 2008


Feb 28/29 = 55 trade days from the DEc 10th low
Also using a 1/2 cycle from Jan 22/23 = 27 trade days

March 5th = 55 trade days from the Dec17th high

the month of March

March 5th = a high
March 7th a Low gravitational low due this week
March 14th = a high = 55 trade days from Dec 31st a, high
April11th a MAJOR - MAJOR LOW

Jaywiz Index for Friday = .28, not very bullish, but certainly not the same as Thursday@.17
So far its been quite consistent within an 80% ratio
It augmented other tech readings such as:
5day arms @ 76.6, a sell Jumped Now to 116.8
5 day trin = 383, a sell jumped now to 584
10 day trin=877, a sell now to 1065

those readings are not screaming BUY signals,but have taken out the danger signs, or so it would seem

Best for now


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
I am in definite agreement with you on this upcoming week and April 11th. I do believe we are near semi-important CIT Mar 4/5th. Therefore I went long at the close and will to this tomorrow morning. April 11th is a very strong LOW. Buy with BOTH HANDS on April 11th. You going to be buying index calls on the 11th?

Unknown said...

Hi Jay,

I still read your take on the market everyday.
Wish I could give you something in return.
But I’m just a reader, not even a trader, just interested.

Perhaps though you want to take a look here:

I stumbled on this site about the time I discovered yours, a few weeks ago. And I do believe you have something in common.

Kind regards,


sadie said...


Dec. 10 was a high and Dec 17 a low. You have it inverted in your text. I have Mar. 3/4 as a low, Mar 12 a high, and Mar 24 a low, FWIW.