Thursday, March 20, 2008

Full moon Effect

thanks Peter & Trinity

Trinity, since I dont really track gold, please let me know when cycles are near to completion.
I can then look at what I do track & we can confirm those dates together>

Today was heavily influenced by the FULL moon & the Equinox changing natural negative energy to positive stock prices.

Might have another day to go on Monday
Jaywiz index = .66 very bullish
CBOE pc ratio = 1.10 mildly bullish
OEX pc ratio = 1.79 very bullish
Vix yesterday = 29.84

Spx got to 1329.51, just shy of the 1330.74 on the BRADLEY date.
Next bradley date is March 26th, and its looking like a low for a number of reasons.

So; we now have a nice long weekend to wonder why they didnt sell off, and will they do it on Monday? 1350 spx is a good goal, but its way above the bradley high, so its possible they will tease the bulls on Monday and go nowhere, thus prompting them to get more bullish and way overBOT.

As I see it, next week starts out positive, but drops into WEd, then rebounds one more time into friday. April2nd is the NEXT 8day TURN date with April1st as the next closing HIGH

Best For now


Anonymous said...

Anyone give consideration to this?

We overall continue up into early maybe mid April, then turn down into mid year for new lows?


Unknown said...

Hi Jay,

Gold: maybe this will help also:

Good trading,


"Market Update [March 20th 2008]: The action in Gold has prompted me to look
deeper into the subject matter, also by adding recent price history into the formulae. Of
course I make no recommendation when it comes to trading. This is obviously a trap
door for the gold hoarders, but the current/ first down wave should be over around
May 21st 2008, give and take. Then we could see a classic bear market rally towards
August 21st 2008 [+/-], with all the rhetoric/ wishful thinking that the metal will resume
its long term trend. I beg to differ, in August more selling.

Do study the time after 1980 all the way to 2000, the gold market bounced back
regularly in pretty impressive ways, and the gold bugs became all lit up again, while the
producers kept selling into every rally, devastating the speculators. This time we are not
in for 20 years with broken dreams, rather 1/10 of that time. For years I have stated
that Gold will not really go parabolic before after 2025, still we are building the
basement for a sky scraper."