Sunday, March 09, 2008

What about next week ?

Dire predictions of a great fall?? --- I doubt it.

Even tho the Jaywiz Index was a .14, I think the negative effect will effect ONLY the open in the first 5 minutes.
As I look at the wave action friday, it looks as if the last hour could be counted as a wave 4, and part of Wv 5 which should OPEN monday on the previous low or above at or near 1283.

Most everything else I am looking at is pointing toward a rebound thru at least Wed.

Bar counts for Friday were strange and probably offset by the new moon @ 12:15 where there was a low point.
the day did open - 100 AT an unusual 102 bar cycle
Even the low of the day @ 2:44, hit at 168bars, and again not my usual count
Now the end of the day was 180bars, and as I have mentioned many times b4, that cycle could effect the next day's open, thus my projection above.

Most of my TECHNCAIL internal readings are oversold and have been since Tuesday's close, but that doesnt mean we get an instant rally.

Now that weve had 4 days of oversold readings, it should work well the next 3 days other than the open on Monday. many of the ratios that I have developped are indicating a bounce also.

Dates for March
March 7th LOW
March 12 high
March 17th low
March 19 high
march 20 low
march 25 early day high
march 26th low
march TOP

As you can see its a very complicated month

Best Wishes

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