Friday, April 03, 2009

Set up a FALL

It 8:15 and all are waiting for the BIG emplyoment report

WE could see today a REPEAT OF DECEMBER 1st.

Activity index is FLAT LINE at .33 this am - IVE NEVER SEEN IT THAT LOW

Power index down to 250

Propensity index has been dropping all week,
but today it is down to 2940, form a high of 3020

ALVIN - do not go long just yet

more later


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning Jay. I won't until I get a trigger confirmation anyway which hasn't occurred so I'll be on the look out for a breakout or not.


steve70 said...

Doesn't yesterday look like a nice heads and shoulder formation?

Unknown said...

Good Morning All,

I'm kind of elated this morning because I got my first indication of a heavy move down Monday via TA Pather. That's because I've been holding an inverse EFT for so long.
The Government has effectively ran out of ammo. Here's hoping throwing the kitchen sink at the economy works. But in the meantime the economy will get worse, before better.
Astro favors the downside today, Mars quintile Pluto and a VOC Moon untill 3:30PM. I'll be holding over the weekend, getting used to it.

Jay, you mentioned Twitter. Under which name may you post an occassional one or two-liner, Jaywiz or Jay Strauss?

Jay Strauss said...

Hi Coy
Twitter name is

Anonymous said...

The result of my Twitter search under "Find People":

0 results in 0.000 seconds
Name results for: Jaywiz10534
We couldn't find anyone named Jaywiz10534.

Anonymous said...

Searching for Jay Strauss gives two results

Jaywiz10534 is possibly Jay's username, you can't search for username. Try searching for your own username, it wont work. But your registered name will give a hit.

Anonymous said...

Can't make twitter work either. The heck with it I'll just read here.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If it works don't fix it,
this Blog is wonderful, adding Twitter does not make sense :-)