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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Feb 10th Closing Daily GUIDANCE

A LATER Update of A MORE COMPLETE DAY'S activity SHOWS A MUCH MORE SIMILAR picture to todays action - Maybe I need to publish a NOON update which seems to show the close with more detail. - I'll consider it if time allows.

just as projected Today looks LOWER and should last ALL DAY

Impact stream also shows potential for lower morning

90bars at 10:30am
120bars at 1pm
150bars at 3;30

AND 156 bars at open tomrrow could offer an opening dip
Today calls for ADVERSE trends and powerful struggles

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Abdullah said...

There is NO doubt that the market was ready to do it's correction. Fifteen minutes in , we were down 77 and volume was building. Then like pixie magic dust was sprinkled around.. the futures popped and in no time we were down just 34. Then they tried to go green and at one point we were down just 23. so we endeed we a lousy -10 points.

If you think that this is the collective wisdom of millions of investors.. please go back to your cool-aid.

This is the back room, Benji/banker manipulation. Now the question is.. is his billions, and Wally Street's manipulations, enough to ward off the trillions that flow through the exchanges that might actually "want out?" We don't know. I don't know. I just know that everything was indeed perfect for a sell off, it started and was cut off.

Abdullah said...

I still feel that the market wants to blow off some steam, and that we are still in a very dangerous space.

They cut off any pullback so far.. we don't know if it will last.