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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next - FEb 14-18 Energy Track

Sunday noon- I reconfigured the SIZE of the chart
The 2 most CRITICAL bearish points this week appear to be 
Tuesday at 3:44pm
Friday at 2:22pm
MY Anticipated trading strategy this week
SO, based on the above chart - I will be looking to short twice. 
1st on Tuesday at open to 10am @ the 39 hours cycle, cover at 3:44pm
2nd on Thsday at 2:30 to 3pm, cover at 2;22pm

Just an experiment and we will record how this works out.
I have not traded in months

Psychological readings for next week

Monday =  Challenging- Mood & Defensive
Tuesday = Mixed trends,  disillusions @ 3:44pm
Wed= Am blockage, but mid day recovery
Ths = unsteady, erratic Am, Confusion - POS energy at 2:40pm
Fri= Clouded issues & Shakeups, Clashes, & Drawbacks @ 9am & 2;22pm
       & 90 bars at 2:30 reconfirms neg energy & cycles converge
       Full Moon on 18th, but at 3:36 AM, thus the 17th hang up

From the LOW of the 18th, expect a rebound into the 23rd, but more on that later as the 21st should still be somewhat sloppy till the noon hour.



Jeff said...

Jay, do you still think March will be an ugly month for equities?

Jay Strauss said...

Hi Jeff
March 10 to 28th
nothing has changed and nothing will change