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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Feb 17th AM Report

Today is a Bradley turn & Full moon tonight which has a tendency to support the mkt

It looks like the EKG agrees with the week's power/energy graph and shows one more attempt
to rebound to new highs, but it does look like this one should fail and make much lower numbers tomrrow as originally projected.

Psych today calls for unsteady- unstable confusion & opposition

Tomrrow's  read is ISSUES continue cloudy, and expect clashes

13hours at 10 am a rebound spx1335 off the open low 1331
Will that be the HOD??

258bars at 12:30, might allow a later high at mild pos energy @ 2:40pm

more later

FULL MOON at 3 am tonight - God only knows whats coming after


Reza said...

Do u think the actual top of spy 138.06 makes sense

Reza said...

Buy order 320m, so little more up
gives another 3 to 4 points