Monday, February 14, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Feb 14th Closing Report

WE can see very clearly that the IMPACT STREAM is rather FLAT this AM as is the SPX futures at 8:30am.
EKG shows a high mid day and that could occur anytime between noon and 3pm

258bars /21 hour cycle occurs at 11:30,
but there is some mild neg energy at 12:47pm
which could delay any upward lift until after 1pm.

Psych for today is moodiness & challenging

drops the record to 78.5%


Reza said...

Thanks for posting your trades. I think it will be good idea to go long also, since you have the energy levels guidance.

Jay Strauss said...

YES, a long is indicated on FRiday at 3;44 pm
ITs now 11:30 Monday
Took a small short at 11;30
dow rebounded from -35 to -17
on a rise int he activity index off a low of 66 to now 300.
Will add more if it holds until noon
but a turn now could occur any minute as there is neg energy at 12;47 and 3;52pm

A close look at the power data indicates an energy drop this afternoon


Jay Strauss said...

another energy burst could effect mkts off tomrrow at 3:44pm, leading to a brief rebound into the the afternoon on the 17th as also projected on the energy graph

John T. said...


I know you normally stick to your technique for market movements, but I believe in the past you commented on politics - in particular potential for war. What are your thoughts for 2011 and the impact of politics on your models? Or do you models account for that? Just curious if you feel the current global monetary policy will lead to significant war in 2011 or 2012.

stalion said...

if the lunacy continues, we are going to see the market challenge 1333 on the S&P. If it gets past that, it will near term challenge 1348.

Its not going to be easy. We are way OVERBOUGHT, the market's very tired.

stalion said...

this is a tough day to read ...not that any of them are getting easy lately with Benji lurking in the wings.

Reza said...

Thanks Jay, will stick to short and long for Mon

Reza said...

Why dont we all post our trades here, so we can be ahead.

So Jay, rebound looks possible. There is a buy order end of day for $ 250 miliion so they will take the market down tomorrow so they can buy it cheaper.

As of today, there was a sell order for $450 million, so market went up, so they can sell it to us at higher prices. So its better to be long end of day tomorrow.

What do u guys think

Reza said...

Where is rrman

Reza said...

I think this dude is trying to bring unemployment to 7% by the books, does not mean in reality. Based on that where can the market go. Read an article last week, about him panicking as he wants to rerun for election and he wants everything to look good by the books, so the manipulation stays.

rrman said...

From Raj