Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -Feb3rd - Closing Report

SLIGHT ADJUSTMENTS as of 8:30Am Feb 3rd, but NO major change from Prelim last night
Prelim as of 7pm FEb 2nd

 26hours & 210bars at 10am
258bars/ 21hours at 2pm- could be lod

 Neg energy during the noon hour

Ekg and Power data seem to be biased UP today, and as Cementak wrote, maybe the last huraah,
but I still have another high due on the 17th. HIGHER ??? NO IDEA- it matters not as when LATE MARCH hits, all bets are off

Activity index & Impact stream both on the weak side this AM

Just as projected- mostly UP DAY
4pm update -That late sell off looks like it will be tomrrow till about noon,
but we'll see what the EKG shows in the AM


xenne said...

thanks Jay. hopefully we see the top today, my target is 1313SPX.


stalion said...

Today should be a replay of yesterday. We wiggle up and down, and when its all over, be fairly close to unchange again.

stalion said...

The only way I can see them either selling us off big, or buying us up big, is if the criminals of Washington/Wall St passed out the employment figures to them, and they want in our out ahead of them ...

rrman said...

Jay what time do you see the HOD?

futures trader said...

Hi Abdullah that will depend on who is selling the market.
But ben will be talking soon so the market will rally near the close I believe.

stalion said...

FT - could be we wiggle -/+ 40 points.

stalion said...

I just listened to Bernanke give his press conference. I have to say I'm in shock over the things he said. He says his policy has nothing to do with commodity prices roaring higher, yet he takes full credit for the stock market moving higher. He said that his QE policies had "pushed people into different assets including stocks" and then went on to say that yes indeed, his policies have "helped" move stocks higher. Yet somehow his policies can move stocks higher but not commodity prices. I have an issue with that.

stalion said...

The BDI is the baltic dry index.. it's sort of an index that measures the volume and pricing of shipping goods around the globe.

Well.. it's crashed. It has literally been cut in half in a year. Now.. Bernanke just told us and I quote "commodities are rising because of demand from emerging markets". Ok bright guy, I got two questions now... How can your policies push stocks, but not commods.. and if it's all this demand,. how the hell are the goods getting around? Horseback? Balloons? Sherpa's?

Please. Benji's killing us with inflation and he's simply lying.

stalion said...

In any event.. he made it clear he's awful happy the market is up. So.. can he keep it up? Can his free wheeling printing just continue to fight off mother nature's demands for a pull down? We're going to see, that's for sure. There's no doubt he's kept it higher than it should be, there's no doubt the market wanted to fade several times.. but he's telling us he's in there shoveling money into it.

This is some bizarre time folks

Reza said...

Reverse split
FAZ - 5x
TZA - 3x
no change on TYH/TYP

QQQQ current price - 57, Uncle Ben 5% value denomitaed next quarter 60,then 63, then 67 for year 70
IWM - 80 - next quarter target 84, 89, etc.
XLF - dont touch
IYR - this quarter 60
So only thing it can do from here for QQQQ & IWM is down. 10% at least. Any comments