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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -JULY 14th Morning UPDATE

JUST as Described DAYS IN ADVANCE- TODAY gets worse as it progresses
JULY 14th @ 9am

EKG seems a little more fragmented than usual, but not sure what that means is anything

But is does seem to reflect the psych read for worsening in the afternoon as the day progresses

the Wave Count seems set up to take a hit at any moment and a small number of techs
have been warning about a sudden & severe sell off possible at any moment.
Seems they are catching up to me, but so far NO ONE sees anything REAL to that effect
CAN it all occur this afternoon & tomrrow???

more later

Once again, we wait for GODOT
looks like wave i of [iii] finished in 5 waves from yesterdays high 1331 to 1315

SO now we wait for ii of [iii] to finish
latest for that would be 2pm
BUT iii of [iii] should be late today & ALL DAY tomrrow
regardless of that 13 day cycle at 11am- which could get extended.
Next week's atmosphere gets much more positive
right from the Monday open thru Tues at 3pm to start,
But I'll send you more about next week in more detail shortly
I dont know what will trigger THE major descending 3rd wave
, but it would appear obvious an other break down in debt talks

And Ive said it many times
SOMETHING's got to scare the BULLSHITTERS on capital hill to
get something REAL accomplished

 as of NOON, it does look like iii of [iii] has begun but NO collapse as yet.
1294 is the level to watch for a such a possible break down


1 comment:

Jay Strauss said...


13 hours at 10am LOOKS LIKE THE HOD

NOW, its just a matter of
How low can you go??

break 1294
Next is 1258