Thursday, July 21, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -July 21st - Closing report

The MAIN CYCLE due at 2pm did hit at 1;30 today at 1347,
and the CHANGE EFFECTS of it can be delayed more than 2 hours, which means TOMRROW's
OPEN should be QUITE NASTY if YOUR a bull - Jay @ 4pm
This Morning's EKG was NOT WORKING WELL< and NOW finally at 1:30
A more complete pic of todays activity is available.  THE MAIN PIVOT CYCLE
Bottomed ON the 18th at NOON and the NEXT CYCLE PEAK IS NOW DUE AT
2pm TODAY from which there should be quite a sell off. 
the gain was a fibo 81.6% of 49pts/60 
THE SELL OFF should be at least 62% of 49 pts =31 pts back to 1314 TODAY
or tomrrow at 11am at the latest. JAY  

July 21 @ 9:15am

Today might be a little more complicated than whats shown, but the net effect should be as shown

Today's low is cycled at 2pm

the notes from yesterday pertaining to today have not changed

After the open, there could be a gap making an initial low at noon

more later

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