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Monday, July 04, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -JULY 4th- SUNDAY Report-


Charts Edge

Jaywiz Projection
Its gratifying to read all the BULLISH outlooks from many sources from Friday-
Will the market REALLY give bulls a continuation from here to 1370 this week or NOT?

IMV, As a WAVE 1 we should see a FIBO level decline from the 704 pts gained from 666 to 1370

704 X 14.6% = 103pts takes it to 1267-- been there done that in wave 3
704 X 23.6% = 166pts ---------to  1204-  could be next
 Friday's high @1340 - 1204 = 136ts down from here

More Later

MORE NOW - 6:30pm on JULY 4th

Chart is from Columbia1- Michael Eckert
         Clearly SHOWS poor volume and divergences
IMV, the NEXT 10 days have the right ENERGY to convert the long awaited "5"th wave as noted above

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