Friday, July 01, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -July 1st - Morning Report

July 1st @ 8am

THE EKG today shows a MARKED decline from an earlier high, but its a LITTLE different

from the previous EKG's This week.

IN other words, even tho previous charts showed a lower close which did NOT happen ,this one
shows a MUCH MORE MARKED decline than the previous publications.

What was yesterdays HIGH?
was it similar to 1987 on Oct6th, when the mkt had recovered from Labor day low with 67% rebound?
Also during that rally had the biggest one day rally ever to that point.

Up till yesterday, many Elliotters were viewing June16th as a wave 3 low, thus this would have been
a wave 4 high, but it violated an Elliott precept, that wave 4 cannot overlap wave 1.
Since that event did occur, it changes some Elliotters outlooks, but not others who never gave that count.
however, it seem many are now thinking June30th was the TOP of a "B" wave ,
thus labeling June16th as an "A"wave.
SO< whats all that goobly gock mean ? you ask, OK -lets explore

IMV,  -IT SIMPLY means a "C" wave is DEAD AHEAD between now and JULY 15th.
"C" waves do not have to CONFORM to 5th wave rules and decline only 58 pts, matching the drop
from 1370 to 1313-- IT can be 1.618, or 2.618, or even 3.618 X 58pts
that would mean anywhere from a MINIMUM of 58 pts to a MAXIMUM of 209pts.

As previously mentioned we see a pattern has developed over the past few months
June had an ECLIPSE moon LOW and JUNE 30th high preceded a NEW moon Eclipse today @ 5am

at 8:15am OIL & spx futures are backing off some from yesterday's highs, but that doesnt have to mean an IMMEDIATE collapse - What appears might start slowly - could crescendo later today as the EKG shows above

AS you all should know by now, the Forte of this blog is TIME, rather than price
and TIME is telling us to look for a potential MINI crash event between NOW and JULY 15th.

IMV, the best days for such an event appear to be set for JULY 7th & 8th, but more on that later as
we get closer to those dates, looking for confirmation from the POWER DATA & EKG.

WE do SEE the JULY Monthly GRAPH does show dips on the 8th & 15th
the energy effects on both those days are quite negative, but do get ALLEVIATED the week after
Jly-15th, and the MOOD shifts dramatically thru the EOM.

More Later

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