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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -September SWOON is coming soon

THE Title today sounds like a song I once used to sing

BUT after Monday, the bulls will not be very happy
for nearly all the rest of the month of September.

What a day like that does is BUILDS overbot and positive sentiment very quickly, thus the SLOPE of hope for dem bulls hangs like a thread.

I guess the only thing that builds readership
is BEAR TALK- OK BEARS, wake up- Monday
will offer one of the best SELLING OPPS This year.
BUT DO wait for the close

EKG not available yet, but will be at 8:30am
IF YOU WANT ADVANCE data, charts, graphs,
power data, energy, cycles, etc for the week & month
then just join the VPN. ITS NOT AN AUTO renewall,
so if not satisfied, then just don't renew after the 1st 90days subscription.

more later
No - ""DEM"" was not a misprint nor misspelling either-[gg]

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