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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -SPT 28th Downtrend & the EKG

SPT 28th @ 8:50am
as of 8:45 all indexes are fading - Oil, Gold, Euro, etc

any open higher is a gift, and I WILL BE ADDING MORE SHORTS

90 bars looks like it hit at 4pm with a 25 pts drop in 5 waves after 2:15pm yesterday

THE NEXT BIGGER move should be lower ending on OCT 10-11

The last important low in 2011 was on March 16th at 1249 spx then the TOP at 1370 

NOW were on the OTHER SIDE of that Head & Shoulders = the right arm returning to
the point of origin at SPT 1010 - 
That was the SUMMER LOW OF JULY 2010

and we ALL know that mkts fall faster than they rise.

more later

that makes 2 days in a row, still holding onto a 75% daily accuracy record since Jan 2011

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