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Monday, September 19, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -SPT 19th ITS A NEW START

10:30 NEG Energy- 1pm @ 13day & 3pm @ 126bars
THERE was NO STRENGTH backing that late recovery
we expect NO recovery tomrrow, and a low Wed at 10:30am
VPN has all the details
SPT 19th @ 8:45am

60BARS effecting today's OPEN

Yesterday's reading called for NEW STARTS

TRANSPORTS SEEMS TO show MORE CLEARLY wave 3 about to start

AS previously mentioned the FOMC really has NO reason to act upon a QE3 or any other
stimulus when the DOW JONES is hovering at the 11,500-12,000 level.

ENERGY signatures between now and JULY 3rd, 2012 are NOT conducive to stock price expansion
Thats a nice long term projection
BUT If you want to see whats NEXT this WEEK , THIS MONTH & next Month, then JOIN

There has been an INCREDIBLE response to the JAYWIZ VPN since having started it LATE JULY.
THOSE members get all the data relating to the cycles, power data, energy, wave, internal tech data, etc,
in ADVANCE, and ITS obviously VERY important for traders to get ahead of the market.

KNOWLEDGE is POWER & $$- Prepare now so that surprises become fewer & further.
DAILY- Weekly & Monthly reports require a great deal of research, preparation, and editing prior to publishing.  MUCH care is taken to assure that nothing is left out. details- details - details !!

more later

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