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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -SPT 25th Sunday's EKG shows a Problem

SPT 25th -SUNDAY @ 11;30am

I dont usually send this out for viewing
THE EKG for TODAY, SUNDAY shows potential for something serious to occur later today effecting
world markets-

The EKG is NOT just an expression of STOCK prices, its really a NATURAL visual impression
of The HUMAN condition which of course relates to stock prices as the Market DOES NOT operate in a VACUUM

I'm also very glad that most of the Elliotter's are not indicating anything severe for next week

BUT energy & psych reads to indicate something dramatic is about to occur, thus effecting world markets
this week

ONE of the most important ENERGY readings this week
calls for
MANY LOSSES and Peculiar deaths

just b4 the Japan quake & Sunammi
was an energy effect that called for DEATH & Accidents by water-- hmm

more later

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