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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Market Timing-Whats Next -SPT 14 - GOALS can be Met

SPT 14th @ 8:15am
I doubt that the PPI report will dampen the early enthusiasm at 8:30, and even if it does, the overriding
strength of Europe and The Euro will keep the SPX higher

Ed cycle high is DUE at
& 1pm
SINCE the last HIGh in the ED cycle series is DUE tomrrow at 10:15, its very possible
for it to truncate to 4pm today- NO guarantee that it will, but that's something to be aware of.

Other than that, there is an strong positive tone to today's psych readings - A feel good day.

Tomrrow, of course puts a whole different spin on things. Whats that supposed to mean? you ask.
Do I really have to spell it out for you?

More Later

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