Friday, March 06, 2009

Bot short

Got in at noon and again at 1pm at minor rebounds

would like to see one more rebound today
its now almost 2pm, and they might run it up at 3pm to break even
Even if no rebound I will most likely add more puts at 3pm

Adjusted times
204bars cycle HIT at 1;45pm = a low
228 bars @ 3;45 and or close = DOWN CLOSE
and 258 bars hits Monday at NOON:15

WOW, right after 2pm, it started to move UP
thanks Ibo, you hit that one exactly
we'll see how far it gets

another posted dow 6000 for next week
others are holding their collective breadth- waiting for the other shoe to fall
NO BUY SIGNALS have been generated by the internal ADV/ DECl & vol ratios
The MEDIA is at it again
some commentators are attempting to blame Pres Obama for the entire decline

I can hear it all NOW on Tuesday - it will be IMPEACHMENT talk for sure
i heard Cramer the other nite joined in the fray also
Wait till we hear from that radio guy, you know WHATS HIS NAME ?? {g}
Damn fools

ok, its almost 2pm and they seem to want to come back,
BUT the ACTIVITY index is FLAT for the next 60 minutes
OBV is also FLAT
Macd is FLAT

More later

I know theres more of you out there who would like to log in,
and I would really like to know your there
You dont need a google id, there are 3 other choices such as yahoo
thanks to those of you have done so


Anonymous said...


Ibo had a level of 666 or 652 on one of his posts on the yahoo group as maybe the bottom at this point - do you think that is where we will end up this week or more declines for Monday-Tuesday...


Anonymous said...

Jay. Are you looking at the 10th as a bottom for wave 3 with wave 4 and 5 to come. Ofcourse that would infer a possible lower low later this month. I know many times when we get to the end of these intermediate cycles......EVEN some cycles and astro guys tend to call DA BOTTOM a little early.


Jay Strauss said...

Rotrot just posted 6000
spx 600 = 580 dow =\dow@ 5959

Mkt needs a WASH OUT

full moon Tuesday has nasty companions

Slow down
Wave 3 gets a STRONG wave 4
till end of March and or end of May - 3 legs A, B,C = wv4

Wave 5 late May to Mid June
then we get a 9month rebound to dow 9K in 2010


Anonymous said...

Ok Jay. I see what you're saying.



Anonymous said...

SPX 666


It's a SIGN! LOL

If it holds today the churches will be packed on Sunday. LOL


Anonymous said...

Why does no one ever answer what the name of Jays yahoo group is ?

Anonymous said...

Jays group is a pay group.