Monday, March 30, 2009

Variations On Today

As I mentioned - Charts edge is only a rough guide

Today we have the futures opening about 150 dow pts lower

The propensity index is indicating DOWN open , quick rebound, lower low, UP mid day and matching low close

More specifically - Typical times are
9:45 open low
10am rebound high
LOW at 11:30 @ 13 day cycle & 126bars
Midday rebound at 1pm and or 3pm
4pm lower close @ 180bars

the Propensity index shows tomrrow higher at least at the open - & the power index
agrees to that point, but shows a closing decline - but more on that later

GOLD now following stocks and once under 900, then 800 could be next week's target price
@ the 6 & 12 week cycle convergence next week on the 8th as a mid week date.

More later


Anonymous said...

Jay. Just wondering if you could repeat where you see a top before we head down into June/July and the 1 year cycle. Are you looking for a top around the Jewish Passover April 10/11 or do we never get back up above last Friday's high?. Just curious what you think or any body else for that matter. I have an idea but would like to compare forecasts.


steve70 said...

What does today's action mean for tomorrow?

I started selling on Friday, but would it be better to wait until Tuesday for more selling, or is the high already in, and we're heading down?


Jay Strauss said...

Its beginning to look like
last weeks high March 26th was it

March 26th was pegged as an important cycle date by some others

April10th- mkt closed for good friday and passover starts on the 8th at sundown with the full moon on the 9th

not sure if I answered your question or not

Jay Strauss said...

Steve the HIGH appears to have occurred last week

I closed out my puts on friday's close, and am NOW looking to get short again TOMRROW- Tuesday

today, Monday, is lost to me


Anonymous said...

that's fine Jay , thanks. Just wanted to know what you're seeing. Makes a lot of the few which is good. Some of the elliotwavers are missing the extra dimension cycles bring as usual.