Monday, March 02, 2009

LOD @ 11;15 today

Its very possible we have hit the LOD at 10:30 as projected on Friday
and again this AM before the open

I did sell out my put positions for about a 26% gain from Friday

NOW what to do next ?
I still have some buying power and I might put it to use at 1;15pm.
there should be a rebound into that slot.

according to my propensity index which opened today at 2906, DOWN from 3023 on Friday
Jumps up today to 3012, then fALLS again into tomrrows open at 9:45 where the
HOURLY meets the road > {g} just a little humor

NOTICE HOW GLD bounced a the OPEN from 92.22 to 93.60 a gain of $1.38 on the
DOW drop of 155 pts then fell off now at 11am @ 91.67 which is - $.96

NOW that we have CONFIRMED that GOLD is running in EXACT inverse to equities,
we can now use the GLD to make $ also on gold trading with some degree of accuracy.
I noticed the contra relationship since the HIGH of FEB 23rd at $1000,
and it is running with consistency since then.
WITH THE drop of GLD after the open leads me to confirm
my outllook for a rebound in stocks intrday.

its now 10:40 and the dow is still dropping to the 10:43 time slot at moon 90 Mercury
SPX to 715 and dow to 6889

Update at 11am SPX at 714.96- wow, how close can you get?
OH well now its 713.21 low so far and were coming up on 11;15 & 120bars

120b cycle at 11;15 which might provide the TURN UP
thats ALSO a typical hourly turn time

and are calling for a LOW today or TOMRROW
DONT BELIEVE them~~~March 10th is IT

WHY??, you ask- good question

I dont want to get too far ahead, but new info has come to my attention
Just when you think thres Nothing NEW you can learn, it pops into your face.
ITS the 250 tr day cycle
March 10th 2008 to March 10th 2009 = 251 tr days
dont forget that Ive adjusted for 2 half days in Nov & Dec each year
the cycle calls for 247 to 254 tr days & the MIDDLE is 250 &1/2

Another mathematic relationship
248 tr days / 8 = 31
both of those are Murrey math #s.
noting that we have a MMath level of 723 - 8 = 715 at 11 am right NOW
If that breaks then 707 is next then 699 -- which ive alrady menioned b4

More Later


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