Friday, March 16, 2007

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Frankly, my career with a major US corporation as an account executive the past 15 years has been a detriment to my ability to analyze and trade the market. I would always be in the wrong place at the wrong timeand could not accomplish the right trades. Well all that is now changing. I can now devote all my time to one endeavor. A former millionaire partner once told me I had 90%. He did not mean it as a compliment, but as far as the markets are concerned I will take 90% anytime.
My first stock purchase was sold to me by my insurance agent , also a broker. It promptly fell from $12.00 to $2.00. I consider that a good experience as it sent me on a crusade for knowledge. It was the 70's and enter Joe Granville, stage left. I learned what he had to offer as he was the only game in town at that time. Now there are hundreds of market timers. Most will tell you where the market has been,but not "WHATS NEXT".
They provide mountains of info and pages of charts - AAARG overload!! leaves you with nothing. just shows how smart they are.
ON FEb 23rd, I warned about a market slide coming on Tuesday FEb27th and so it happened-- the market fell 415pts. The week after I projected a rally into March 9th and we got just that. The week after I warned about weakness from 12th to 15th, and the dow fell on the 13th by 242pts. Now we posted information leading me to SHORT the close on Friday March 16th. Had expected for a rally on the 16th, but it fizzled out in the first 15 minutes. I STILL shorted the close and at this point waiting for Monday's slide.
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